Fixing university education

21st century university education has many problems. For many countries, and in particular the USA, it is too expensive; students graduate with debts in the high 5 figures guaranteed to hamstring them. The disciplinary structure is wrong; subjects like Cognitive science are termed “interdisciplinary” simply because they were invented after the fossilization of departments.

Educationally, matters are worse. The lack of an overall theory of the person and her relation to knowledge has allowed in rampant subjectivism, exemplified by postmodernism. That has had negative effects on society as a whole as the most highly educated plea for the aesthetic equivalence of Mozart and Pit bull, and the moral equivalence of Matthieu Ricard and Pol Pot. The career path open to postgraduate students involves a grueling and almost interminable subjugation. This has led to fraud and stasis in science

All these issues can quickly be resolved. The university should be a joint stock system with graduates holding a controlling stake. A Weltanschauung, one that unites the narratives of the sciences, arts, and humanities, an d the consensual moral order it involves, is within our grasp. Knowledge can be reparsed with, ironically, Cognitive science as the quintessential academic subject. Finally, all of this can be done at next to no cost and in a way that fosters innovation.

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